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Typical Tuscany wine tasting
Local producers such as Francesco from the Agricola Corbucci in Gambassi Terme, they know the art of making fine wine.
Typical Tuscany wine tasting

During your holiday in Tuscany you must not miss a good wine and oil¬†tasting in the ‘Chianti’ region of Montaione, between San¬†Gimignano and Volterra. The green vineyards offer us bunches of red and white grapes, matured¬†under the Tuscan sun.

Local producers such as Francesco from the Agricola Corbuccii in Gambassi Terme, they know the art of making fine wine.

A wine tasting is a moment of pure pleasure and also an opportunity to learn about wine and its production technique. For this reason, after a wine tasting in Montaione, Tuscany, you will have even more appreciation of a good glass of red Chianti or a Vernaccia from San Gimignano.

Savoring it under the sunset at your apartment in Belmonte Vacanze, perhaps after a horse ride in Tuscany between the neighbouring vineyards.

Wine and Olive Oil Tasting at Belmonte Vacanze

bottle.olive_.oil_-71x300[1]Each week, from Mayl to September we are pleased to invite Francesco Corbucci, a young businessman who produces wine from the nearby town of Gambassi Terme.

Francesco will delight you with his selection of aged Chianti wines produced at his organic farm, going from red to white and then finishing with a tasting of grappa and vin santo. All accompanied by a tasty slice of bread with the organic oil extracted from the olive trees that surround you in Belmonte.

The tasting will be held one day a week depending on the availability of Francesco. The tasting is free. If you want you can buy bottles of wine, grappa or vin santo, produced by Azienda Agricola Corbucci.

Discover more about these wines on 

And now enjoy a little video of our wine tastings, but …. be careful¬†: after you watch it you will have an irrepressible desire for wine¬†and Tuscany!

Wine Tasting at the Azienda Agricola Corbucci

Situated just 20 miles from Belmonte Vacanze is the Azienda Agricola Corbucci in Gambassi Terme, where Francesco and his family will welcome you with an exceptional wine taste inside their farm.

If you like to enjoy good Chianti but you are also interested in understanding the secrets of the art of the production of Chianti Classico then we recommend you go directly to Azienda Agricola Corbucci.

Francesco will take you to visit the cellars and vineyards of the farm that overlook San Gimignano, and show you how the bunches of grapes become Chianti Classico. After the wine tour, Francesco will welcome you all inside of his farmhouse and will let you taste his wines, together with some Tuscan specialties of the day such as crostini with ham , garlic bread with oil or the delicious cantucci with Vin Santo: delicious.
The tasting at the farm is free.
On site you can also buy bottles of wine, grappa and vin santo produced by organic farm Corbucci.

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