Via Torri 62 Iano, Montaione, FI, Italia
+39 0 571 20125
Restaurants to eat nearby

You can not say that you were on holiday in Italy if you have not tried the delicious Tuscan cuisine! If you are looking for restaurants in Montaione, you will find family-run inns where you can taste typical, home made dishes that follow the culinary traditions handed down in the Tuscan families from generation to generation.

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Tuscany on a Horseback

Here at Belmonte you can enjoy a fantastic horse riding holiday, with stables right on your doorstep! Just a 5 minute walk from your apartment you can be at our horse riding stables, ‘Riding Tuscany’ where you can enjoy lessons and trail rides. Whatever your age or experience the horse riding stables at Belmonte has something for you….

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Videos made by our guests.

Hans is very fond of video making and he has gifted us this marvellous video. We appreciate it a lot and so we have decided to build this special section where we publish videos made by our friends during their holiday with us in Toscana. If you wish, you can send us your video and we will put it here online.

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