Via Torri 62 Iano, Montaione, FI, Italia
+39 0 571 20125
Apartment facilities


Air conditioning / heating
We have a centralized system with hot and cool pumps that allows us to provide you with air conditioning to your liking. You can equip yourself with the remote control at reception and adjust the temperature in each room in your apartment.

The cost of the air conditioner is € 50 per week or € 10 per day.

Free parking
Upon arrival you can drive to your apartment to unload your luggage. After that you should leave your car in the secure parking. We will give to you a pass card with which you can exit the secure car park directly onto the road. In this way there are no cars running between the apartments but only silence and tranquility for the children to play freely.
If you are traveling by plane or for convenience you do not want to bring towels, you can rent them at the reception. The extra cost for a set with 2 towels, one medium and one large, is € 3. We do not have towels for the pool.
[success icon=”icon-lightbulb”]A little tip for the summer:
Keep the windows open at night to let in the fresh air and close them during the day, this is how we keep cool in Tuscany. [/success]
Although it was not easy we managed to get a connection even in the middle of the Tuscan countryside, thanks to Hyperlan radio WiFi, for which we are the provider of the area.

At the reception you will receive an access code with which you can log in to our WiFi using your laptop or smartphone from your apartment or outside in the garden. 

Satellite TV
We hope that you will watch just a little and you will enjoy the Tuscan countryside :-), but if you must:You have access to a TV with satellite decoder hotbird 13 ° East.

Except for variations of the satellite (some channels may migrate to another satellite if not available) there should also be channels available from your country. In any case you can check the channel list we provide in the apartment.

Washing machine
A washing machine with automatic soap dispenser (€ 4 per wash) is available near the reception.

In 30 minutes you can do your laundry then your dry clothes using the drying rack in your apartment.

Microwave oven
If you need a microwave you can rent one at a cost of € 3 per day or € 15 per week from reception.

Please book in advance and you will find one waiting for you in your apartment. Availability is limited.

The classic Italian coffee is the type of coffee maker that you will find in your apartment.

But we know that you may prefer the ‘american’ style coffee and so we have provided some great machines for a “long coffee”, the classic German Severin.
Enjoy your coffee!