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Hello, nice to meet you!

We are an authentic ‘Tuscany D.O.C’ family!

In 2003 Piero and his wife Simona, opened Belmonte Vacanze. Even now, after ten years of hospitality we still strive to be the best and take care of our little corner of paradise. We put our hearts into what we do and we do our best to help you experience a dream holiday. We have guests coming back every year to spend their holiday with us and this makes us so happy! Ours is a real ‘family affair’.

The team in detail!

 Piero: the boss.

pieroIano was the place where as a child (since his father Ermanno took over property in 1960) he spent his Sundays riding horses around the land.After spending a lifetime in the construction industry, in 2000 Piero decided that the family property could be more than just a farm.The work was finally completed in the summer of 2003 with the opening of Belmonte Vacanze. Today Piero deals with the structural side of the business and every year makes improvements, especially in winter. An example?He designed the pool himself! Piero is passionate about dogs.

Simona: the boss.

simonaIf on your arrival you find the room well-ordered with a loving attention to detail, you can thank Simona. She threw herself heart and soul into this adventure in 2003 with Piero and then fell in love with Belmonte Vacanze.She deals with the management of the apartments and can often be seen running from one apartment to another to check that everything is in order.Simona loves to read and cook.

Elisa: the manager.

elisaOriginally from Montaione, Elisa came to work with Belmonte Vacanze in 2007 after finishing her languages degree.Since then she has become part of the family!She deals with the management of reservations, reception, translation and other 3000 jobs together with Lauro! If you need something, ask or email Elisa: You will have the solution! Elisa likes shopping and going out with friends


Lauro: Jack of all trades.

lauroSon of Piero and Simona, Lauro started working in the family business in 2003 after completing his law degree. In love with the Belmonte Vacanze, he decided that staying with the guests in Tuscany was better than being a lawyer.He deals with everything related to the Internet and the promotion of Belmonte Vacanze on the web and social media.If he is not behind a pc you can find him around the apartments helping to make some repairs with the faithful Marco or Telo.
Lauro is passionate about tennis: ask him if you want a game or find him on Facebook.

Marco and Telo: Handymen

telo marcoIf the lawn is perfectly mowed or in the morning the pool is always in order, the credit goes to Marco and Telo. Marco lives right here inIano, 100 m from Belmonte Vacanze. Telo is from Albania. You can find them around the Belmonte Vacanze taking care of the gardening. If you need help in your apartment, they’ ll be right with you.

Behind the Scenes: Mauro

mauroYou won’t see him at Belmonte Vacanze, but he works in the administrative headquarters in Fucecchio where he specializes in accounting, administration, taxation and management of the websites together with Lauro. Always swamped with paperwork, he wishes you a happy holiday in Belmonte all the way from Fucecchio!

A bit of history: Once upon a time there was grandfather Ermanno …

Piero‘s father and Lauro’s grandfather, in 1960 had the instinct to buy this beautiful property. Where today you find the pool there was once a lake, where today there are apartments there were stables for horses and sheds for tractors.

All around there were olive trees and some vines.

The main agricultural production was therefore oil, wine and wheat that was harvested by the local workers. In the center of the property, which now houses the “ducks lake” there was a quarry of onyx, a hard coloured stone which in those days was very popular in Tuscany. Once extracted it was carried to the shed which is located above the car park and worked on by local specialists from Iano.With onyx they made so many beautiful things like ashtrays, vases, sinks and even tables. Today, if you walk the paths of the property you will still find some pieces of onyx and traces of its extraction.

The area where Belmonte is located is really called California, in fact, that name indicates a soil rich in minerals.

If you decide to visit the sites of the Parco Benestare (a kind of ‘area of natrual beauty’, three of which are inside our property) you can also find a tunnel that enters the mountain near the entrance gate, where miners once worked and where today it has formed a source of natural spa.


In the 90’s the village of Montaione was a pioneer in the field of ‘green tourism’. So many ‘agriturismi’ were born; these are farms that also give hospitality in country houses and restored ruins.

In the late 90’s, a little behind the others, was also the time that Piero, Ermanno and Simona started working on the project of Belmonte Vacanze.

The rest is history ….slider-about-us

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